"Full Service on high level" - this term describes in a short and concise manner, what sets apart. As a full range supplier we realize unique solutions for our customers in the market segments of chemical technology, industry and process engineering. Since many years our owner-managed company operates worldwide.

Between idea and implementation stands a philosophy, which has been growing continually: a trustful relationship with our customers. Nothing can replace the personal contact. So each customer has an assigned personal contact - for coordination purposes or daily exchange of ideas.

This successful principle has proven its worth. Companies of most diverse branches and sizes benefit from the wide serivce range of our staff - from regional craft businesses up to internationally operating industrial companies.

With our corporate strategy, following the principles of sustainability, we convert our mission into practice. In accordance with social values, our goal is to secure and to increase  the company’s success - and so to create entrepreneurial value.

The main issues of our sustainability strategy are:
- a responsible corporate management, reducing our commercial risks, and
- our innovative strength, which opens up new business opportunities, but also generates economical, ecological and social values.

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.


For us, sustainability means also:

- holistic, resource-effective technologies and products
- cost reduction
- process optimization
- compliance with applicable and future regulations and rules
- contribution to protect natural resources
- emission reduction of greenhouse gases



Visit us at booth H38, hall 6

Pollutec 2021: hybrid event with concrete solutions for new eco models
In the course of its forty-year history, Pollutec has positioned itself as a reference event for the eco and energy transition.
On the agenda are topics such as the fight against environmental pollution and climate change to environmental protection.

The Kwerk GmbH presents new products in the field of ATEX and chemical and process engineering.



15-16 SEPTEMBER 2021 NEC, Birmingham, UK
Visit us at booth F22

The chemical industry is the engine of innovation in the global economy and a driving force for numerous branches of industry. Almost all global value chains benefit in some way from the services of chemistry, biotechnology and process technology.
CHEMUK is and will remain a central stage in the chemical industry. Nowhere does the pulse of our industry beat faster, more intensively, more up-to-date, more innovative and international than here: CHEMUK is the trend-setting leading trade fair for all areas of the chemical industry, is a comprehensive overview of current technology trends and a technology platform with a worldwide signal effect.

Around 400 exhibitors from all over the world demonstrate the innovative strength and dynamism of the chemical industry with a large number of new developments, product ideas and service offers.



Montabaur 26.06.2021

The B2B supplier Kwerk GmbH from Montabaur/Westerwald, has received a major order for piping components from one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of textile machinery, from the city of Changzhou in Jiangsu province.

The specialist for plastic piping systems and special materials has been commissioned by the Chinese industry leader to produce six different system components. The customer project includes complete project planning and delivery until 2022, of which the first production phase has recently started and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. The system solution is based on the modular principle developed by Kwerk GmbH with new connection technologies.

Together with our strategic partner, Golden Dragon Ltd./China, we have been able to successfully further expand our cooperation and collaboration in Mainland China, said sales manager and ppa. Mrs. Bianka Muzzalupo-Heuvens, on the occasion of the video conference in Montabaur.


Kwerk GmbH supports the fight against Corona
Received major vaccine manufacturing order

Montabaur, December 1st, 2020

Kwerk GmbH, based in Medienpark Montabaur, a leading developer and manufacturer of patented, complex, electrically conductive multi-way valves made of plastic, has received an order for the monitoring, filling and removal of solvent-based chemicals for the active ingredient production of the COVID vaccine.

The order includes high-end solutions developed specifically for the customer and guarantees the plant operator not only the highest level of safety for people and the environment, but also high operational safety and low life cycle costs.

The delivery of the block valve solutions is firmly planned for mid-December and this major order shows that we are one of the world’s leading providers with this innovative technical solution, said managing director Franz Wolber, at the press conference in Montabaur.



Montabaur, 26.10.2020

The B2B giant from Montabaur, has been a pioneer in the industry since its foundation. Many of the innovations developed in the Westerwald region since 2015 are now standard in chemical and process engineering plants worldwide.

With our specialized trade partners in various countries, we sell our own and third-party products via our portal and are thus the growth engine for manufacturers in the local region.

We are pleased to have gained another partner from Australia, said Daniel Klein, GLOBAL EXPORT MANAGER of Kwerk GmbH, at the press conference in Montabaur.



Dubai, 22.10.2019

At the world’s leading exhibition "WETEX" for water, energy, technology and the environment in DUBAI, Kwerk GmbH presented their new CHEMIEDUR® product range to a large specialist audience.

In addition to new valuable contacts to plant builders and energy providers from the Gulf region, Kwerk GmbH was also able to acquire several new contacts in order to set up a sales office.

We look forward to this fruitful international cooperation, said Werner Höhner, Technical Director of Kwerk GmbH, on the occasion of the cooperation agreement and press release in DUBAI.



Istanbul, 26.03.2019

The patented MULTI FLEX BLOCK had its world premiere at the International Sewer Fair in Istanbul.

"Shortly after the fair began, the interested trade visitors flocked to our stand to convince themselves of the advantages and the technical execution of the block design. We are sure that with this technical design, both in the chemical industry, in the food sector and also in ATEX applications, we offer an innovative solution for our end customers, said Daniel Klein, Export Manager of Kwerk GmbH ".



Montabaur, 30. September 2018

Kwerk GmbH has moved into new offices in the Medienpark Montabaur. The new location with the same address unites the Kwerk employees under one roof. The close proximity supports an efficient, simple customer-oriented cooperation and promotes the growing together of the still young company.

The open and modern office concept at Bahnhofsplatz 3 in Montabaur offers the best conditions for promoting employee innovation, commitment and well-being. "With flexible workplaces, meeting zones and lounges, we want to promote new and modern forms of cooperation," says Kwerk GmbH CEO Franz Wolber.

All new rooms are completely decorated in modern corporate design and corporate colors. Individual rooms were designed by a well-known Koblenz graffiti artist. "We spared no expense in making our B2B media world tangible and tangible," continues Franz Wolber.



Clemmons, NC / USA, 09.09.2018

With the expansion of the B2B platform of Kwerk GmbH for the European market, an intensive training for the products of the world market leader for industrial filter systems took place in Clemmons, North Carolina / USA.
Hayward Flow Control manufactures compact single and double dirt traps for the filtration of liquid media in chemical and process engineering at the North Carolina plant.
Kwerk GmbH, as a distribution partner of Hayward Flow Control, was able to convince itself not only of the production capacities but also of the technological advance, but also of the state of digitization of the company.
With our "strategy for manufacturers" we are in the worldwide trend and can also integrate larger and smaller manufacturers on our platform, said Werner Höhner, Technical Director of Kwerk GmbH, on the occasion of the closing evening in Charlotte / NC.



Seaham, England 22.08.2018

As part of a two-day strategy meeting, together with the company IPS Flow Systems, the leading plastics retailer in Great Britain, the product range for both sides was successfully expanded.
With the supply of thermoplastics such as PP, PE, PPs, PVC, PVDF and ECTFE in composite construction (GRP), we are now present with our new distribution partners in the UK and Ireland.
IPS can look back on a 28-year successful company history.
As part of the collaboration, we look forward to gaining access to Europe’s most important offshore markets in Scandinavia as well, said Aaron Sandkrüger, Sales Manager and Daniel Klein, Export Manager of Kwerk GmbH, on the occasion of the cooperation agreement in Seaham.



Rotterdam, 10.08.2018

Kwerk GmbH has acquired a leading manufacturer of flanges made of glass fiber reinforced polyester resins (UP-GF) for the B2B platform.
With the new ranges also in the field of composite materials such as PVC-U / UP-GF, PEHD / UP-GF, PP-H / UP-GF, PVC-C / UP-GF and PVDF / UP-GF, closes the Kwerk GmbH to the leading providers in the market.
We look forward to this fruitful international cooperation, said Werner Höhner, Technical Director of Kwerk GmbH, on the occasion of the cooperation agreement and press conference in Rotterdam.



Montabaur / Hamburg, 07.08.2018

Kwerk GmbH has received a major order to manufacture several components for one customer in the environmental protection and energy generation segment. The components from the field of dosing and exhaust air technology are building blocks for a major project in automotive engineering. By the end of October 2018, the last delivery of several individual parts for the plant should take place.
"This major order as the customer’s first order is, of course, a significant reference in this industry. That’s why it’s all the more important for us that the proven Kwerk quality is achieved thanks to really good and smooth teamwork. "Praises Franz Wolber, Managing Director of Kwerk GmbH his team.



Alicante / Spanien, 23.05.2018

As part of an information event for EU cooperation partners on the Spanish market, Kwerk GmbH visited several companies in Andalusia / Spain. Valuable new contacts to innovative injection molding and manufacturing companies in the field of plastics technology were made.
A first order for a serial production in the field of chemistry was placed by Kwerk GmbH in Spain.
We look forward to this innovative collaboration and exchange with our new European partner, said Werner Höhner, technical project manager of Kwerk GmbH.



Tel Aviv, 15.05.2018

In the Shalom Meir Tower in Tel Aviv, Kwerk GmbH was able to find out about the possibilities of progressive digitization and its possibilities in the field of chemical and process engineering and their B2B connections.
Based on practical examples with our partner company, important insights were gained for the German market, which will soon be implemented, said the managing director of Kwerk GmbH, Franz Wolber.
A visit to a digitized manufacturing plant for plastic products rounded off this visit.



Kuala Lumpur / Hong Kong , 07.04.2018

Welcome to the 10th edition of ASIAWATER on 10-12 April 2018! Over 1,000 Exhibiting Companies from 32 Countries; 11 Regional and International Pavilions; Meet and Connect with over 19,000 Trade Visitor.

At this event, Kwerk GmbH will be presenting PP / GFRP composite materials and components for plant and apparatus construction - Made in the Westerwald -. For the further expansion on the market, numerous valuable suppliers for the new B2B platform could be won.

The trade fair visit was rounded off with a short visit to the Golden Dragon valve company in Hong Kong, a partner of Kwerk GmbH.



Montabaur / Köln 14.03.2018

The managing director of the partner company GOLDEN DRAGON VALVES from Fuzhou, Mr. Li Xiaolin, informs himself during a visit at the Kwerk GmbH in Montabaur, about the current B2B developments on the German market.
The information tour was concluded with a visit to FILTECH in Cologne, where Kwerk GmbH was able to present its range of services.



Montabaur, 17/01/2018

Kwerk GmbH launches a new B2B webshop FILWO. Trade visitors will receive detailled information on water filters and filter systems, developed by Kwerk for the chemical industry and process engineering. This website will enlarge the B2B  product line of Kwerk GmbH.
Useful information for experts and technicians
Customers will receive detailled information on applications in the area of water technology, the actual functions and major advantages. At the navigation point „configuration tool“ various application criteria can be selected, so that technicians and engineers from the chemical industry and process engineering will find very quickly their final product.



Montabaur, 08/01/2018

In the first quarter of 2018, Kwerk GmbH supplies specific mist eliminators kits made of PP for the flue gas desulfurization plant of a coal-fired power station  Due to the takeover of the technical assets of the company KTW Kunststofftechnik Westerwald GmbH & Co.KG, 56414 Wallmerod , our acceptance and reach have considerably improved, so that the investment relating thereto, was worth the effort, explained the managing Franz Wolber, on the occasion of signing the contract.




Rom, 17/12/2017

On the occasion of the presentation of the new B2B marketplace concept for the international distribution of the  Kwerk GmbH - products, the entire TEAM of  Kwerk GmbH, had the opportunity to train the implementation of large stock lists.
Leading German manufacturers and suppliers for plastic pipe and fitting construction presented their new B2B strategies in an impressive manner. Franz Wolber, managing director of Kwerk Gmbh pointed out, that, as a result of digitalization processes,  the old and out-dated trading structures would no longer prevail. A visit to the most important attractions of the Eternal city was also part of the weekend seminar.



Montabaur, 06/11/2017

As part of an ASSET DEAL with the Plastwerk Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Kwerk GmbH has taken over on October 18, 2017, the technical assets of the company KTW Kunststofftechnik Westerwald GmbH & Co.KG, 56414 Wallmerod, including concepts and production methods, QM records, engineering and constructions, project documentation and other business documents.
The core competences of Kwerk GmbH cover now processing of thermoplastics like PP, PE, PPs, PVC, PVDF and ECTFE in composite design (GFK), pump circulation lines made of PP/GFK and GFK up to 1200 mm, spray levels made of PP and GFK as well as manufacturing of mist eliminator kits.



October 2017

From one of the world leaders for pickling plants Kwerk GmbH received a largs-scale order for cutting PP pipes in the dimensions d 160 – d 500 mm. Meanwhile the order was successfully settled. By cutting 412 matching lengths between 240 and 3260 mm according to parts list and layout plan, the plant engineers could save approx. 18.000 Euro compared to the purchase of pipe lengths of 5000 mm at the local stationary trading company.



September 2017

Leverkusen - Ludwigshafen . Within the course of a training seminar for maintenance managers in the Chemical parks Leverkusen and Ludwigshafen, Kwerk GmbH, Montabaur/Westerwald, introduced the new product line CHEMIEDUR. The materials UP-GF and the composites GF-PP etc., grouped by the supply ranges  Chemiedur pipe, Chemiedur comp and Chemiedur parts, were of great interest and would open a wide range of applications, said the managing directer of the Kwerk GmbH, Franz Wolber.


Trade fair BIO 2017, San Diego / USA

San Diego, 22/06/2017

At the trade fair BIO 2017 in San Diego / USA, Kwerk GmbH had the opportunity to present their special products as a table top exposition to companies of the chemical industry and process engineering. Two cooperation agreements have been concluded, one with a supplier of double-walled PELD laboratory containers and the other with a supplier of laboratory fittings . The event was completed by an informative visit at the Navy Seal Training Centre. An extremely successful event, recapitulated the owner of Kwerk GmbH, Franz Wolber


New cooperation partner for pipes, fittings and connections made of glass fibre reinforced polyester resins (UP-GF)

Amsterdam, 05/06/2017

For the B2B platform, Kwerk GmbH has acquired a leading manufacturer of pipes, fittings and connections made of glass fibre reinforced polyester resins (UP-GF).

With the new product ranges including composites like PVC-U/UP-GF, PEHD/UP-GF, PP-H/UP-GF, PVC-C/UP-GF and PVDF/UP-GF, Kwerk GmbH closes the gap to the leading providers in the market.
We are looking forward to this fruitful international cooperation, said Franz Wolber, shareholder of Kwerk GmbH, on the occasion of the cooperation agreement and a press conference at Amsterdam.


FIP Formatura Iniezione Polimeri S.p.A

Casella / Genua, 24/03/2017

On the occasion of a factory visit at the company FIP - Formatura Iniezione Polimeri S.p.A in Casella/Italien, the employees of Kwerk GmbH have been trained on various products and services of this company.
The focus was placed on the targeted consultations of customers, particularly with regard to chemical valves for the application in chemical and process engineering. The program was completed by a visit of the historical center of Genua and a trip to Turin and Portofino. We would like to thank all those who made this event possible.

FIP - Formatura Iniezione Polimeri S.p.A is part of Aliaxis group.
The Aliaxis Group is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of primarily plastic fluid handling systems used in residential and commercial construction, as well as in industrial and public infrastructure applications.


New cooperation partner for water technology from the USA

Chicago, 21/03/2017

At the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, the team of Kwerk GmbH found new cooperation partners for the German market in the fields of water treatment and filter technology. For a longer period already, the competition for water as a resource is well underway worldwide. Upon visiting the Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, the company founder Franz Wolber stated, that for the new web project relating to industrial applications in water treatment and filtration, Kwerk GmbH now had significantly more opportunities on the German market.


Strategic cooperaton: Kwerk GmbH further develops availability and reach into the Chinese market.


- Hong Kong - Kwerk GmbH establishes a long-term strategic partnership with  Golden Dragon Ltd.,  one of the internationally leading trading and service companies in design, development and marketing of specific plastic fittings for the chemical industry and process engineering. "We highly appreciate to further intensify this strategic partnership on the Chinese market. This cooperation represents an important step on the way towards bringing Kwerk GmbH further and deeper into the market", said Franz Wolber, majority shareholder of Kwerk GmbH, on the occasion of signing the contract on 28.10.2015 in Hong Kong.

 becomes Kwerk GmbH

Starting with October, 1st, 2015 the individually owned company continues its business activities under the new company Kwerk GmbH. Kwerk GmbH, belonging to the plastwerk Verwaltungs GmbH, has been founded as individually owned company by Franz Wolber.

Carina Pfau has been appointed managing director of this company.

Kwerk GmbH is your specialist for plastic pipe systems and components for the chemical industry and process engineering. With the portal in the B2B sector, the company belongs to the digital leaders in the ecommerce field between specialist companies in Germany.

„With new products and customer-friendly applications we intend to continue together with you our successful way into the digital world. The relocation to the SILICON WESTERWALD, opens up many new opportunities of expansion", noted managing director Carina Pfau.


Trade fair presence of KWERK GmbH in CHICAGO / USA

Rewiew to the fourth quater 2015

On the occasion of the world’s leading trade fair for water "WEFTEC" in Chicago/Illinois, the Kwerk gmbH team had the opportunity to present the entire range of products in the McCormick Place Convention Center, next to Lake Michigan.
Along with many new contacts, it was possible to acquire various innovative products and cooperations for the American market.

Besides the bustle of a trade fair, we had the opportunity to share the thrill of a match between the Chicago Cups and the St.Louis Tigers :)


Technical article Internetworld : Digital Leader in the  B2B sector

Many B2B enterprises take the implementation of an own online shop as a rocket science, however the criteria for success are similar to those in the B2C online trading. On the B2B market place of Kwerk technicians and engineers are able to calculate online, by means of various calculation tools and a high-level supply management, complete construction projects.

... to the technical article Internetworld 16/11/2015


Press release

Montabaur, 25/03/2015

– Internet World 2015 Fair, Munich – At the presentation of the 2015 web award, best B2B shop in Germany, on the occasion of the Internet World Fair in Munich, the third place went to the Montabaur-based web company
The GOP Varieté-Theater Munch provided a unique location for the opulent presentation of the shop award 2015 on Monday, 23.05.2015.

In the year 2015 the coveted trophies were awarded in seven categories: best online-pureplayer, best multichannel provider, best brand shop, best B2B shop, best mobile shop, best product presentation and most innovative business model. From more than 440 applications those web shops worthy for an award were at first gathered in a short list and then finally  selected by a highly-qualified jury.

The innovative B2B market place is of great interest for technicians and engineers from industrial companies as well as from chemical and process engineering, customers who want to calculate the requirements of complete projects. 
With they can do this online – with useful calculation tools and a high-level supply management.


Press release

Kwerk GmbH launches successfully the webshop for industrial products plast24

plast24 online shop – partner for industrial needs, pipe technology and water treatment

plast24 offers you, as full range supplier, the whole spectrum of industrial needs for chemistry, industry and crafts. A wide selection of more than 45.000 products like pipes, fittings and valves made of plastic, items for sewage technology, metal fittings, diaphragm valves, storage tanks for fluids, filter systems and pumps are waiting for you in our online shop plast24.

... to the new line of products


Plastic pipe systems

Overview of plastic pipe systems
Technical information on ABS pipe systems
Technical information on PVC  U pipe systems
Technical information on PVC  U transparent pipe systems
Technical information on PVC  C pipe systems
Technical information on PP pipe systems
Technical information on PP-R pipe systems
Technical information on PE pipe systems
Technical information on PVDF pipe systems

Chemiedur - pipe

Technical information on UP-GF (FRP) pipe systems
UP-GF (FRP) pipes
UP-GF (FRP) molded parts and connection
UP-GF-PP (FRP) molded parts and connection
UP-GF (FRP) adhesive collars
UP-GF (FRP) loose flanges
Pot Strainer DN 200 - DN 500 Inliner PP/FRP Coated
Pot Strainer DN 200 - DN 500 Inliner FRP/CBL Coated
Angle Seat Strainer DN 200 - DN 400 Inliner FRP/CBL Coated
Manhole mad of FRP and PP/FRP

Plastic pipes

Calculator for cutting pipes
Guidelines for sawing plastic pipe
Leftovers in plastic pipe
Standardization of plastic pipes and molded parts
PVC U pipes deviations
Pressure loss in pipe systems out of PVC U, PVC C and ABS pipe systems
Distinction between Rp, R and G threads
Screw lengths for flange connections

Plastic fittings

PVC U transparent ball valves
Diaphragm valves
Block valves
Butterfly valves
Plastic needle valves

Plastic Valves according to ATEX

New EU guideline 2014/34/EU
Plastic Valves in EX zones
Y-Strainers PP-EL DN 15 - DN 50
Check valves PP-EL DN 15 - DN 50
Angle seat valves PP-EL DN 15 - DN 50

Bonding of plastic pipes

Bonding manual
Video showing the bonding of pipes

Plastic welding

Guidelines for extrusion welding

Grids / support grids

GFK grids
Grids out of PP -el electrically conductive
Profile support grids out of PP -el electrically conductive

Molded ventilation parts

Ventilation technology

Chemical hose

PVC transparent hose with fabric inlay

Industrial tanks and chemical containers

Dosing tanks and outer containers 35 – 1000 Liter
Salt dissolving tanks 60 -5000 Liter
Storage tanks and vats
Storage tanks for water
Safety and collecting troughs
Industrial tank delivery program
Dosing tanks with agitator
Dosing tank agitators
Dosing tanks with attachments
Dosing tanks made of sheet material
Customized chemical containers
Dosing tanks with level indicators



IBC screw caps DN 150/DN 200
IBC adapters out of PE
IBC adapters out of PP

Attachment parts for tank construction

Vapor separators
CO2 - absorbes
Revision nozzles
Block flange

Filter housings and filter cartridges

PENTEK 3G Slime Line filter housings
PENTEK 3G Standard filter housings
PENTEK Big Blue filter housings
PENTEK PP high temperature filter housings
PENTEK PP all nature filter housings
PENTEK filter bags for Big Blue filter housings
PENTEK surface filter cartridges
PENTEK filter cartridges for depth filtration
PENTEK filter cartridges with activated carbon
CINTROPUR filter systems
CINTROPUR water filters

Flange configurator

Blind flanges, loose flanges,  rectangular flanges

Chemical resistance

Table of chemical resistance for plastic pipe systems

Machined plastic parts

Screw-in parts
Threaded fittings
Screw fittings

Milled plastic parts

Loose flanges and blind flanges made of sheet material

Static mixers

Static mixers made of plastic


Single-type and double-type strainers
Pot strainer DN 300
Angle seat strainer DN 500

Flow meters

Variable area flow meters
Configuration tool for flow meters

Filter presses

Laboratory filter presses

Injection molded parts

Scraper made of PE for filter press