"Full Service on high level" - this term describes in a short and concise manner, what sets apart.

As a full range supplier we realize unique solutions for our customers in the market segments of chemical technology, industry and process engineering. Since many years our owner-managed company operates worldwide.  Between idea and implementation stands a  philosophy, which has been growing continually: a trustful relationship with our customers. Nothing can replace the personal contact. Therefore each customer has an assigned personal contact - for coordination purposes or daily exchange of ideas. This successful principle has proven its worth. Companies of most diverse branches and sizes benefit from the wide serivce range of our staff - from regional craft businesses up to internationally operating industrial companies.

Plastic pipe systems  - plastic pipe systems. Plastic pipe systems are part of the core competences of Technical information on ABS pipe systems is useful for optimized application of the ABS material, which is particularly suitable for refrigeration and compressed air technologies. The ABS pipes, ABS valves and  ABS fittings are produced from DURAPIPE / ENGLAND. offers the complete product range. In our workshop we can manufacture customized products from the ABS material as well.

Our product range relating to the PCV U material comprises PVC U ball valves, PVC U pipes, PVC U fittings and the necessary accessories. For the PVC U pipes we differentiate between the pressure levels PN 10 and PN 16. Under the different headings we have cataloged the items according to the nomenclature. The technical description on PVC U pipe systems gives general information about the material, as well as information about processing and installation of the pipes. In our media library we provide a video showing the bonding of pipe systems and the further processing. A separate bonding manual gives detailed information in written form. In the drop-down menu next to the article, you will find helpful tools for flow calculations in pipe systems, a database query system regarding the stability of plastic pipe systems , as well as a leftover exchange and a newly developed calculator for cutting plastic pipes.

All elements from the PVC C delivery program are characterized by high temperature stability and resistance to acids and alkalis. PVC-C is an amorphous thermoplastic and has a higher chlorine content than PVC-U.  The permissible working pressures shall apply to PVC C pipes, PVC C valves and PVC C fittings for the process medium water with an included safety factor of 2,5 and a lifetime of 25 years. The appropriate values are listed in the pressure/temperature diagram, which you will find under the heading PVC C  pipe systems in the drop-down menu. Further you will find this information under Technical information PVC C pipe systems. supplies PVC U transparent pipes in standard DIN dimensions between  d 8 – d 400 mm outside diameter. The delivered (manufactured)  length is 5 meters with plain ends. On request we can also produce pipe blanks from transparent material.  In addition to the DIN dimensions, Kwerk provides transparent pipes in imperial dimensions in a delivery length of approx. 10 feet, which means approx. 3 meters. All pipes can also be delivered as blank. The transparent fittings can be supplied up to a size of 8 inches. Transparent parts like bends or T-pieces are manufactured from these pipes as well. A great number of different shapes can be provided for this purpose.  In the classical apparatus engineering individual designs from transparent sheets are available. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

In the category PP pipe systems we offer PP pipes, PP fittings and PP valves. We deliver PP pipes up to d 800 mm outside diameter. We have divided the fittings from PP into the following categories and fields of application: PP fittings for socket fusion of heating elements, PP fittings, compact design, for butt welding of heating elements and PP molded parts, long design, for heated coil welding.  We have different categories of PP valves: PP ball valve, PP diaphragm valve and PP butterfly valve. All these PP valves can be integrated into a pipe system by means of different welding procedures. In the drop-down menu next to the article you will find a summary of the essential characteristics of PP pipe systems and the corresponding welding methods. PP-R is frequently used in the housing technology for cold and hot water pipes. In the category PP-R pipe systems you will find PP-R pipes, PP-R fittings and PP-R valves. PP-GF is a glass fibre reinforced plastic material and presents a number of advantages in the chemical industry and process engineering. In the category PP-GF pipe systems we have listed, among others, also plastic fittings in accordance with the ATEX directive.

PE pipes, PE fittings and accessories are combined in the catogery PE pipe systems. PE pipes are used in drinking water supply and sewage technology. Particularly in nothern Germany PE pipes are very common in buried piping constructions, because of the soil conditions (sand). Due to continual further development of the PE pipes even buried gas pipelines are made of PE. The PE pipe has to be placed into sand, according to the general installation guidelines, in order to avoid damages on the pipe surface. The pipe manufacturers and raw material producers are constantly improving their materials, so that nowadays a wide range of material compositions within the PE pipe sector is available. After the Dusseldorf Airport fire, PE has also replaced, among others, the  PVC U material in plant engineering. Because of the technological properties of PE pipes and PE fittings, this material is applied with pleasure in plant engineering.

PVDF pipes, PVDF fittings and PVDF valves are produced from PVDF SOLEF®, a raw material with outstanding properties for industrial applications. PVDF, a thermoplastic engineering material, has a fluorine content of approx. 59%. PVFD (polyvinylidene difluoride), a plastic material with excellent mechanical, physical and chemical properties and possible applications in a temperature range up to 140° C, results from polymerisation of the monomer vinyl fluoride. The exceptionally wide scope (pressure, temperature, chemistry) of this material opens up new application areas in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, automotive industries, paper and pulp industry, etc.  PVDF is resistant to the most inorganic chemicals ( acids and salts).

Molded ventilation parts made of PVC-U, PPs, PPs-EL, PP-H, PE-HD and PVDF are provided from in various designs and dimensions. These plastic ventilation parts are used in corrosion resistant  exhaust systems in the chemical industry in general, galvanic industry, paper and food industry, laboratory equipment, etc. As standard, the ventilation parts are delivered with sleeves. If needed, they can optionally also be delivered in a flange version. In addition to the standard delivery program, we also produce molded parts according to customer requirements and matching the particular processes.  The finishing and fitting together will be executed depending on the kind of material, whereby bonding and welding will be realized with welding wire. Furthermore we offer molded ventilation parts as plug-in-system in different size ranges and materials. 

We produce plastic industrial tanks, dosing tanks and chemical containers, inter alia, also made of  sheet material. Apart from standard dosing tanks made of PE (35 - 1000 liters) we offer outer containers made of PE, salt dissolving tanks (60 - 5000 liters), storage tanks and vats as well as space saving tanks. For the marketing and sale of the dosing tanks and storage tanks for water we have engaged the company GEOPLAST from Austria. In our plastics workshop we produce additionally a wide range of accessories made of sheet material, for example safety and collecting troughs, attachment variants like manhole covers, acid vapor separators, level indicators, feed funnels,  but also dosing tanks with agitator and chemical containers.

In the category filter technology we provide the products of the well-known US manufacturer: Pentek filter cartridges, Pentek filter housings und Pentek  filter bags for  water technology.  We provide a large number of various filter housings for diverse applications in the chemical and process engineering. From stock we ship filter elements for all common brands and applications. Regardless if it is a matter of complex processes or polluting loads, in our product line you will find a wide range of variants. The strainers in single and double version designed for use in the wastewater technology, are a core product of Whenever it is a question of reducing foreign matters in liquid media, kwerk is your reliable and competent partner. This program is rounded off by a  mobile laboratory filter press for laboratories, industry and production.

In the field of measurement and control technology we represent five large well-known manufacturers, therefore we can offer more than 11.000 products relating to automated plastic valves and fittings. Both, the electrical plastic ball valve and the pneumatic plastic ball valve are available in different material and design combinations. The level, pressure and temperature sensors indicated there, are essential for the plant and apparatus engineering. Various models of variable area flowmeters and the configuration tool for flowmeters complete the program.

Apart from the corrosion-resistant plastic pipe systems, pumps for the chemical industry and process engineering belong to the major parts in these branches of industry. Depending on use, an intensive application advice will be necessary. Our team will gladly assist you.

Custom-made products made of plastic, plastic valves and fittings and, beyond that, the fabrication of plastic equipment in our workshop are an important link to our customers. We are a key partner, whenever your are looking for custom-made plastic valves or fittings and individual productions in the plastics sector. On a sheet milling machine we produce loose and blind flanges up to a diameter of 1500 mm, valves for registration of PH, REDOX and temperature and CNC turned and milled parts made of plastic. As product example we refer to our static mixer made of plastic material. Furthermore we provide the important customer-specific consulting service, facilitating the realization of your engineering together with us. stands for quality in delivery and service, and all this at a good price.

35 domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers trust us to sell their products ONLINE with a high degree of professionalism.

We are looking forward to a good cooperation. Just contact us.


ABS piping systems
ABS pipes
ABS glue fittings
ABS adaptor fittings
ABS threaded fittings
ABS ball valve and valves

PVC U piping systems
PVC U pipes
PVC U glue fittings
PVC U adaptor fittings
PVC U threaded fittings

PVC U transparent piping systems
PVC U transparent pipes in MM dimensions
PVC U transparent pipes in INCH dimensions
PVC U transparent fittings in MM dimensions
PVC U transparent fittings in INCH dimensions

PVC C piping system
PVC C pipes
PVC C glue fittings
PVC C adaptor fittings
PVC C threaded fittings
PVC C ball valve and valves

PP-H piping systems
PP pipes
PP fittings
PP ball valve and valves

PP-GF piping systems
PP-GF ball valve and valves

PP-R piping systems
PP-R pipes
PP-R fittings
PP-R ball valve and valves

PE piping systems
PE pipes
PE fittings

Metallic piping systems
Diaphragm valves made of GG cast iron and stainless steel
Pipe couplings made of stainless steel
Pipe couplings made of GGG cast iron
Flange adapters made of GGG cast iron
Dismanteling Joints

  PVDF piping systems
PVDF pipes
PVDF fittings
PVDF ball valve and valves

Chemiedur - pipe
UP-GF (FRP) piping systems
UP-GF (FRP) pipes
UP-GF (FRP) fittings
UP-GF (FRP) stube flange
UP-GF (FRP) loose flanges

UP-GF (FRP) Liner - lining material
UP-GF (GFK) Liner pipes
UP-GF (FRP) pipes-Liner PVDF
UP-GF (FRP) pipes -Liner PP
UP-GF (FRP) pipes -Liner-HDPE
UP-GF (FRP) pipes -Liner PVCU
UP-GF (FRP) pipes -Liner PVCC

UP-GF (FRP) Liner fittings
UP-GF (FRP) fittings Liner PVDF
UP-GF (FRP) fittings Liner PP
UP-GF (FRP) fittings Liner HDPE
UP-GF (FRP) fittings Liner PVCU
UP-GF (FRP) fittings Liner PVCC

Ventilation technology
Pipes made of PPs, PP, PE, PE-El
Fittings formed ventilation parts
Valves - formed ventilation parts
Flexible connectors
Sound attenuators
Outlet cowl
Supply and return air grilles - formed ventilation parts
Roof head - formed ventilation parts
Bird protection grid - formed ventilation parts
Accessories - formed ventilation parts
Plastic fans

Chemical containers
Dosing tank 35-1000 liters
Outer containers for dosing tanks
Salt dissolving tanks up to 5000 liters
PE Container with lid up to 5000 liters
PE Container without lid up to 5000 liters
PE storage tanks up to 5000 liters
PE space saving tanks up to 2000 liters
PE /PP collecting trays
Accessories IBC tanks/containers
IBC adpaters

Filter cartridges and filter housings
Filter housings
Filter bags
Filter cartridges and inserts
Limescale protection
Strainers made of  PVCU, PVC C und PP
Pot  strainer DN 300
Angle seat strainer DN 500
Filter presses / Laboratory filter presses
Scraper made of  PE for filter press

Flow meters
Variable area flow meters
Configuration tool for flow meters

Automatic valves PVC U
PVC U electrical ball valve
PVC U pneumatic ball valve
PVC U diaphragm valve
PVC U solenoid valves

Automatic valves PVC C
PVC C electrical ball valve
PVC C pneumatic ball valve
PVC C diaphragm valve

Automatic valves ABS
ABS electrical ball valve
ABS pneumatic ball valve
ABS diaphragm valve

Automatic valves PP
PP electrical ball valve
PP pneumatic ball valve
PP diaphragm valve

Automatic valves PVDF
PVDF electrical ball valve
PVDF pneumatic ball valve

Automatic valves PTFE
PTFE magnetic valves

  Pressure relief valves
PVC U pressure relief valves
PP pressure relief valves
PVDF pressure relief valves
PTFE pressure relief valves
Stainless steel pressure relief valves

Pressure reducing valves
PVC U pressure reducing valves
PP pressure reducing valves
PVDF pressure reducing valves

Custom-made products out of plastic
Semi-finished plastic parts
Snaplock coupling
Sample taking device made of plastic
Special plastic fittings
Static mixer made of plastic
CNC – turning parts made pf plastic
TRI clamps made of PP and PVDF
Electrically conductive screw connections
Vacuum breaker for pipes and tanks

Chemiedur - parts
GFK grids

Chemical pumps
Diaphragm pumps
Drum pumps
Centrifugal pumps
Water jet pump

Small plants
MINI-neutralisation plant


Plastic pipe systems

Overview of plastic pipe systems
Technical information on ABS pipe systems
Technical information on PVC  U pipe systems
Technical information on PVC  U transparent pipe systems
Technical information on PVC  C pipe systems
Technical information on PP pipe systems
Technical information on PP-R pipe systems
Technical information on PE pipe systems
Technical information on PVDF pipe systems

Chemiedur - pipe

Technical information on UP-GF (FRP) pipe systems
UP-GF (FRP) pipes
UP-GF (FRP) molded parts and connection
UP-GF-PP (FRP) molded parts and connection
UP-GF (FRP) adhesive collars
UP-GF (FRP) loose flanges
Pot Strainer DN 200 - DN 500 Inliner PP/FRP Coated
Pot Strainer DN 200 - DN 500 Inliner FRP/CBL Coated
Angle Seat Strainer DN 200 - DN 400 Inliner FRP/CBL Coated
Manhole mad of FRP and PP/FRP

Plastic pipes

Calculator for cutting pipes
Guidelines for sawing plastic pipe
Leftovers in plastic pipe
Standardization of plastic pipes and molded parts
PVC U pipes deviations
Pressure loss in pipe systems out of PVC U, PVC C and ABS pipe systems
Distinction between Rp, R and G threads
Screw lengths for flange connections

Plastic fittings

PVC U transparent ball valves
Diaphragm valves
Block valves
Butterfly valves
Plastic needle valves

Plastic Valves according to ATEX

New EU guideline 2014/34/EU
Plastic Valves in EX zones
Y-Strainers PP-EL DN 15 - DN 50
Check valves PP-EL DN 15 - DN 50
Angle seat valves PP-EL DN 15 - DN 50

Bonding of plastic pipes

Bonding manual
Video showing the bonding of pipes

Plastic welding

Guidelines for extrusion welding

Grids / support grids

GFK grids
Grids out of PP -el electrically conductive
Profile support grids out of PP -el electrically conductive

Molded ventilation parts

Ventilation technology

Chemical hose

PVC transparent hose with fabric inlay

Industrial tanks and chemical containers

Dosing tanks and outer containers 35 – 1000 Liter
Salt dissolving tanks 60 -5000 Liter
Storage tanks and vats
Storage tanks for water
Safety and collecting troughs
Industrial tank delivery program
Dosing tanks with agitator
Dosing tank agitators
Dosing tanks with attachments
Dosing tanks made of sheet material
Customized chemical containers
Dosing tanks with level indicators



IBC screw caps DN 150/DN 200
IBC adapters out of PE
IBC adapters out of PP

Attachment parts for tank construction

Vapor separators
CO2 - absorbes
Revision nozzles
Block flange

Filter housings and filter cartridges

PENTEK 3G Slime Line filter housings
PENTEK 3G Standard filter housings
PENTEK Big Blue filter housings
PENTEK PP high temperature filter housings
PENTEK PP all nature filter housings
PENTEK filter bags for Big Blue filter housings
PENTEK surface filter cartridges
PENTEK filter cartridges for depth filtration
PENTEK filter cartridges with activated carbon
CINTROPUR filter systems
CINTROPUR water filters

Flange configurator

Blind flanges, loose flanges,  rectangular flanges

Chemical resistance

Table of chemical resistance for plastic pipe systems

Machined plastic parts

Screw-in parts
Threaded fittings
Screw fittings

Milled plastic parts

Loose flanges and blind flanges made of sheet material

Static mixers

Static mixers made of plastic


Single-type and double-type strainers
Pot strainer DN 300
Angle seat strainer DN 500

Flow meters

Variable area flow meters
Configuration tool for flow meters

Filter presses

Laboratory filter presses

Injection molded parts

Scraper made of PE for filter press