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Developed in 1958 by the company BF Goodrich, now LUBRIZOL, CPVC (post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) is obtained by chlorinating the PVC resin in suspension. During the transformation, alternate hydrogen atom monomers in the PVC molecular chain are replaced by Chlorine atoms. The process produces a high performance resin with excellent thermal stability and chemical and mechanical strength up to temperatures of 100°C.

In 1986, FIP were the first European Company to produce an integrated system of valves, fittings and pipes called TemperFIP100®. The result was the creation of an entire series of products for industrial plants. Today, thanks to twenty years or more collaboration with the company LUBRIZOL EUROPE, the production of the TemperFIP line of extruded and injected moulded pipes, fittings and valves makes use of CPVC CORZAN resins, specifically designed for industrial applications. CPVC resins are fully compatible for use in transporting water to treatment plants, as well as for conveying demineralised water and spa water. The CPVC TemperFIP100® system represents one of the more economical solutions in the field of thermoplastic materials and metals, able to resolve the difficulties encountered in process and service lines transporting hot corrosive fluids in the industrial sector, as well as in domestic hot and cold water distribution systems. The mains reasons for this preference are the unique chemical-physical characteristics of the resin, which include:

High chemical resistance:
the use of CORZAN™ resin, obtained through the chlorination of homopolymer PVC, can guarantee high chemical resistance, in particular against strong inorganic acids, saline and alkaline solutions and paraffin hydrocarbons. It is not recommended for the transport of polar organic compounds, including some types of chlorinated and aromatic solvents. Its electrochemical corrosion resistance guarantees excellent reliability for conveying domestic hot water in conventional and solar panel systems.

Optimum thermal and mechanical properties:
TemperFIP100® CPVC is typically used in temperatures between 20°C and 85°C and has extremely low thermal expansion coefficients, thus guaranteeing excellent mechanical strength able to withstand service pressures of around 10-16 bar at 20°C. Its excellent thermal stability (VICAT value according to EN ISO 15493) together with its optimum creep behaviour (circumferential breaking strength according to ASTM D 2837 equal to 1000 PSI 82 °C, 100,000 hours) allows it to be used at temperatures up to around 95 °C for special applications and to satisfy particular performance requirements. The reduced coefficient of thermal conductivity (I = 0.16 W/m °C according to ASTM C177) virtually eliminates condensation problems and reduces heat loss when transporting hot fluids.

Physical characteristics:
PVC-U resins are characterised by their low permeability to oxygen and reduced water absorption (0.07% at 23 °C according to ASTM D 570). The physical properties of the material render it highly resistant to ageing and aggression by atmospheric agents (UV radiation) thanks to the presence of Titanium dioxide in the compound.

Fire resistance:
PVC-U resins also have excellent fire resistance with a flash point of 482 °C. The flame, in fact, only persists if the oxygen concentration is three times that of atmospheric or in the presence of a flame from an external source. CPVC CORZAN™ resins are also classified VO, 5VB and 5VA according to UL94.


Production of the TemperFIP100® CPVC lines is carried out according to the highest quality standards and in full compliance with the environmental restrictions set by the applicable laws in force and in accordance with standard ISO 14001.

All products are manufactured in accordance with a quality assurance system complying with standard  ISO 9001

• ANSI B16.5
Pipe flanges and stubs-NPS 1/2 to NPS 24 mm/inch.

• ASTM D1784 cl. 23548B
Rigid PVC and CPVC compounds (for industrial applications).

•  ASTM F437
CPVC threaded pipe fittings, sch. 80.

•  ASTM F439
CPVC pipe fittings.

• ASTM F441
CPVC pipe, sch. 40 and 80.

• BS 10
Specification for flanges and bolts for pipes, valves and fittings.

• BS 1560
Flanges for pipes, valves and fittings (Class designated). Steel, cast iron
and copper alloy flanges. Specification for steel flanges.

•  BS 4504
Flanges for pipes, valves and fittings (PN designated).

• DIN 2501
Flanges, dimensions.

• DIN 2999
Threads for pipes and fittings.

• DIN 8063
Dimensions of CPVC fittings.

• DIN 8079-8080
CPVC pipes, dimensions.

• DIN 16962
CPVC fittings for butt-welding or socket fusion, dimensions.

• DIN 16963
Pipe connections and pipe components for pressurised fluids in HDPE.

• EN 558-1
Industrial valves - face-to-face and centre-to-face dimensions of metal
valves for use in flanged pipe systems - Part 1: PN designated valves.

• EN 1092-1
Flanges and their joints - Circular flanges for pipes, valves and accessories
- Part 1: Steel flanges, PN designated.

•  EN ISO 15493
Specifications for components and the system (Pipes, Fittings and Valves)
in CPVC for industrial applications.

• ISO 228-1
CPVC fittings with threaded connections.

• ISO  5211
Industrial valves - Part-turn actuator couplings

• ISO 7005-1
Pipe flanges - Part 1: Steel flanges.

• JIS B 2220
Steel pipe flanges.

• UNI  11242
Solvent welding of CPVC pipes, fittings and valves


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Plastic fittings

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Grids / support grids

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Molded ventilation parts

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Chemical hose

PVC transparent hose with fabric inlay

Industrial tanks and chemical containers

Dosing tanks and outer containers 35 – 1000 Liter
Salt dissolving tanks 60 -5000 Liter
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Safety and collecting troughs
Industrial tank delivery program
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IBC screw caps DN 150/DN 200
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Attachment parts for tank construction

Vapor separators
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Block flange

Filter housings and filter cartridges

PENTEK 3G Slime Line filter housings
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PENTEK Big Blue filter housings
PENTEK PP high temperature filter housings
PENTEK PP all nature filter housings
PENTEK filter bags for Big Blue filter housings
PENTEK surface filter cartridges
PENTEK filter cartridges for depth filtration
PENTEK filter cartridges with activated carbon
CINTROPUR filter systems
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Flange configurator

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Chemical resistance

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Machined plastic parts

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Static mixers

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Single-type and double-type strainers
Pot strainer DN 300
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Flow meters

Variable area flow meters
Configuration tool for flow meters

Filter presses

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Injection molded parts

Scraper made of PE for filter press