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Polypropylene is a thermoplastic and partially crystalline resin belonging to the family of polyolefins. PP is obtained through the polymerization of propylene (C3H6) with the aid of catalysts. For use in piping systems, the latest-generation Polypropylene Homopolymer
variant, or PP-H, offers excellent performance at working temperatures of up to 100° C and a high resistance to chemicals due to the excellent physical and thermal characteristics of the
resin.The PP-H line in latest-generation Polypropylene Homopolymer consists of a comprehensive range of pipes, fittings and valves for use in the construction of process and service lines for conveying pressurised industrial fluids and for maximum operating temperatures of up to 100° C. The entire line is made of Polypropylene Homopolymer resins MRS 100 (PP-H 100) according to the classification DIN 8077-8078, DIN 16962 and
approved by DIBt - Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik for use in industrial processes.

The main properties of the latest-generation Homopolymer resins are:

High chemical resistance:

In addition to ensuring excellent chemical resistance, especially against halogens and alkaline solutions, the use of PP-H resins with special additives also ensures excellent mechanical properties when conveying detergents and similar chemicals. PP-H pipe systems are also fully compatible with the transport of drinking, unconditioned, demineralised and spa water for therapeutic and kinotherapeutic uses.

Excellent thermal stability:

Particularly in the intermediate temperature range between 10° C and 80°
C typical of industrial applications, PP-H ensures excellent mechanical
strength and impact resistance with high safety factors.

Resistance to ageing:

PP-H resins have a high circumferential breaking strength (Minimum
Required Strength MRS ≥ 10.0 MPa at 20°C) and allow long installation lifetimes without showing any signs of significant physical-mechanical deterioration.


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Chemiedur - pipe

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UP-GF (FRP) adhesive collars
UP-GF (FRP) loose flanges
Pot Strainer DN 200 - DN 500 Inliner PP/FRP Coated
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Plastic fittings

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Plastic Valves according to ATEX

New EU guideline 2014/34/EU
Plastic Valves in EX zones
Y-Strainers PP-EL DN 15 - DN 50
Check valves PP-EL DN 15 - DN 50
Angle seat valves PP-EL DN 15 - DN 50

Bonding of plastic pipes

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Plastic welding

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Grids / support grids

GFK grids
Grids out of PP -el electrically conductive
Profile support grids out of PP -el electrically conductive

Molded ventilation parts

Ventilation technology

Chemical hose

PVC transparent hose with fabric inlay

Industrial tanks and chemical containers

Dosing tanks and outer containers 35 – 1000 Liter
Salt dissolving tanks 60 -5000 Liter
Storage tanks and vats
Storage tanks for water
Safety and collecting troughs
Industrial tank delivery program
Dosing tanks with agitator
Dosing tank agitators
Dosing tanks with attachments
Dosing tanks made of sheet material
Customized chemical containers
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IBC screw caps DN 150/DN 200
IBC adapters out of PE
IBC adapters out of PP

Attachment parts for tank construction

Vapor separators
CO2 - absorbes
Revision nozzles
Block flange

Filter housings and filter cartridges

PENTEK 3G Slime Line filter housings
PENTEK 3G Standard filter housings
PENTEK Big Blue filter housings
PENTEK PP high temperature filter housings
PENTEK PP all nature filter housings
PENTEK filter bags for Big Blue filter housings
PENTEK surface filter cartridges
PENTEK filter cartridges for depth filtration
PENTEK filter cartridges with activated carbon
CINTROPUR filter systems
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Flange configurator

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Chemical resistance

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Machined plastic parts

Screw-in parts
Threaded fittings
Screw fittings

Milled plastic parts

Loose flanges and blind flanges made of sheet material

Static mixers

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Single-type and double-type strainers
Pot strainer DN 300
Angle seat strainer DN 500

Flow meters

Variable area flow meters
Configuration tool for flow meters

Filter presses

Laboratory filter presses

Injection molded parts

Scraper made of PE for filter press